Newsweek article features GHDC and several sites

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Newsweek article features GHDC and several sites

Abigail Jones interviewed people from several initiatives around the country that are all, in one way or another, taking an intergenerational community-based approach to addressing a range of vulnerabilities.

Staying connected as we age

Social connectedness and community involvement are two of the most powerful determinants of health and well-being, but what does staying connected really look like for older adults living in a Generations of Hope Community (GHC)?

Bridge Meadows featured on PBS NewsHour

A PBS NewsHour segment features Bridge Meadows' innovative approach to affordable supportive housing, and describes the intergenerational relationships that form among residents who live there.

Minnesota Public Radio features Brenda Eheart

Brenda Eheart was recently a featured guest on the live program, "The Daily Circuit", a daily news and culture show, on Minnesota Public Radio. The topic for this program was supportive communities for foster care families.

Hope Village Arizona awarded multi-year program development grant

The Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust has awarded a program planning grant in the amount of $99,600 to Hope Village Arizona.

GHDC receives planning grant for new initiative in nation’s capital

Generations of Hope Development Corporation (GHDC) will lead a 12-month collaborative process to develop plans for an intergenerational housing initiative in Washington, DC.

Bridging the Generations

See us in the Fall issue of the Stanford Social Innovation Review in a "What Works" column entitled, Bridging the Generations. Greg Beato describes the work of GHDC and highlights Bridge Meadows in Portland Oregon.

Brenda Eheart guest speaker at Brandeis University workshop on aging and autism

Brenda Eheart was a guest speaker at a Brandeis University workshop workshop entitled, "Aging Well with Autism (55 and Older), hosted by The Lurie Institute for Disability Policy and the Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation.

Completing the circle of care: Alternative housing at Hope Meadows

The case for providing a senior housing alternative at Hope Meadows so that older adults will be able to age in community, continuing to sustain and be sustained by meaningful intergenerational relationships until the end of life, keeping the circle of care unbroken