Intentional neighboring model featured on NPR’s Morning Edition

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Intentional neighboring model featured on NPR’s Morning Edition

NPR Senior Correspondent Ina Jaffee recently researched and reported a story focusing on the origin of the intentional neighboring model at Hope Meadows and its most recent adaptation at Genesis in Washington, DC.

Newsweek article features GHDC and several sites

Abigail Jones interviewed people from several initiatives around the country that are all, in one way or another, taking an intergenerational community-based approach to addressing a range of vulnerabilities.

Staying connected as we age

Social connectedness and community involvement are two of the most powerful determinants of health and well-being, but what does staying connected really look like for older adults living in a Generations of Hope Community (GHC)?

New books feature GHDC and Hope Meadows

Three new books feature GHDC and Hope Meadows — Bill Thomas' Second Wind; Beth Baker's With a little help from our friends; and Ross Parke's Future families.

Multigenerational communities sprout to aid vulnerable people

GHDC's work was featured in an article in the Chronicle of Philanthropy, which highlights several communities currently in operation or in active development.

A model integrated community

This article from The Chicago Reader explores the inherent diversity found at Hope Meadows and addresses GHDC’s work to spread the model nationwide.

Read the original article by Steve Bogira on the Chicago Reader website.

Hope Meadows

Hope Meadows was designed to provide community support to families adopting children from foster care. It is the first intentional intergenerational neighborhood of its kind, where the gifts and talents of all residents contribute to the well being of people of all ages.

The child resiliency program at Hope Meadows

2011. Power, M. B., Mitchell, E. T., Eheart, B. K., & Hopping, D. Journal of Intergenerational Relationships, 9(3), 281-292.

Completing the circle of care: Alternative housing at Hope Meadows

The case for providing a senior housing alternative at Hope Meadows so that older adults will be able to age in community, continuing to sustain and be sustained by meaningful intergenerational relationships until the end of life, keeping the circle of care unbroken