New Life Village purchases property for community

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New Life Village purchases property for community

Sister Claire LeBoeuf, the visionary behind New Life Village, outlines plans for a new community in an interview with the Tampa Bay Times.

Treehouse Community

Treehouse is a caring, multi-generational neighborhood designed to support families who are fostering and adopting children from the public foster care system,

Heinz Award

On October 21, 2008 the Heinz Award in the Human Condition was awarded to Brenda Krause Eheart, the founder of Generations of Hope, for “finding a solution to the nation’s confounding issue of foster care adoption."

GHC as an object of public policy: A first look

Explores the three policy domains that appear to be most relevant to the development and operation of GHCs: policy toward children and youth, policy toward seniors, and housing and community development policy.

Categories of control: Foster children and ADHD

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Adoption: Understanding the past, present, and future through stories

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