Restoring the missing dimensions of care

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Restoring the missing dimensions of care

If we would not want a specific policy, practice, or program applied to our children or our parents, why would we want it for any other child or adult, especially those who are most vulnerable? Intentional neighboring cultivates new dimensions of care, enhancing the natural web of respect, trust, belonging, and encouragement provided by family and friends.

The Perception Factor: A Personal Journey

I no longer ask, “What can we do to make a positive difference in the lives of those we perceive to be needier than we are?”
I now ask, “How can we enrich each others’ lives and in so doing, make people’s lives have real significance?

Brenda Eheart guest speaker at Brandeis University workshop on aging and autism

Brenda Eheart was a guest speaker at a Brandeis University workshop workshop entitled, "Aging Well with Autism (55 and Older), hosted by The Lurie Institute for Disability Policy and the Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation.

OSPREY Village

OSPREY Village (Our Special People Reaching Out to Elders and Youth) is developing an intergenerational community for adults with developmental disabilities and their caregiving families so that persons with disabilities can live a beneficial and meaningful life, their families can be assured they will be cared for, and their caregivers can age well in community.

Categories of control: Foster children and ADHD

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