Resources – White Papers



A fuller response to vulnerability

A discussion of the philosophical principles that ground Generations of Hope Communities (GHCs), critical insights which have emerged regarding GHCs, and the distinctive strategy used in GHCs known as Intergenerational Community as Intervention (ICI).

Generations of Hope Communities: Augmenting social services with neighborhood care

Explores the basic GHC model, beginning with a brief overview of the vulnerable populations that could be supported by these communities, followed by a discussion of community connectedness, and of key strategies and practices of GHCs.

The Generations of Hope Community model: Opportunities and challenges for evaluation

Presents the evaluation protocol currently being developed as a template for adaptation across multliple GHC sites.

Rethinking interventions: Addressing the mental health needs of vulnerable children and youth through intergenerational community

Reviews current intervention strategies and examines how the GHC approach innovatively addresses the mental health needs of vulnerable children and youth through intergenerational community.

Creating the everyday magic of a GHC: The power of language

This paper presents the case for the use of inclusive, non-stigmatizing language in a GHC.

Completing the circle of care: Alternative housing at Hope Meadows

The case for providing a senior housing alternative at Hope Meadows so that older adults will be able to age in community, continuing to sustain and be sustained by meaningful intergenerational relationships until the end of life, keeping the circle of care unbroken

Restoring hope: Integrating living and learning communities for vulnerable youth

Applies the philosophical and core principles of the GHC model to an alternative educational setting – a GHC school