Our work


Coming together to build community.

  Bringing partners together

As a consulting service, Generations of Hope has built a network of experts and advisers to help develop and adapt the concept and philosophy of intentional neighboring, including:

  • architects who have won awards for design innovations implementing the intentional neighboring paradigm;
  • developers who are pushing the envelope on new public/private funding strategies;
  • academics and practitioners at the cutting edge of their professions;
  • social entrepreneurs across the country gaining experience in building and operating new intentional neighboring initiatives.
  • financing and fundraising experts who have housing, community development and capital fundraising knowledge and expertise.

  Sparking innovation

Generations of Hope serves as a catalyst to help new community initiatives understand, adapt, and implement the paradigm of intentional neighboring. We also host periodic conferences and workshops geared to specific challenges and opportunities facing local program developers.

  Sharing what we’re learning

Generations of Hope continues to develop a variety of tools and materials to capture lessons learned as new initiatives emerge, and to consolidate and share knowledge across disciplines as the model evolves.