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Listed below are several initiatives that have been set up to support a vulnerable population by creating a contiguous residential neighborhood, where multiple generations live side-by-side and support one another through organized volunteer service. Some initiatives have worked closely with Generations of Hope to implement the GHC model, others have created similar projects on their own.

  Our role

Generations of Hope supports and encourages widespread adoption of this model and the sharing of knowledge and experience across communities as they emerge. We do this through direct consultation and through our growing network of partners, experts, and resources, spanning fields from architecture and real estate development, to program design and academic research.


New Orleans, Louisiana

Since the War on Terror began in 2001, thousands of military families have experienced severe, debilitating wounds from combat or the traumatic loss of a loved one. Bastion is working to create an intergenerational community to support the unmet needs of Wounded Warriors returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and their surviving families.

Status: Operational



Genesis is a small, intergenerational community in Washington, DC, consisting of 27 affordable apartments for seniors, for young families transitioning out of foster care, and for other families. At Genesis, neighbors commit to supporting each other and the community. Everyone has value and everyone contributes, whatever their talents.

Genesis neighbors regularly come together for large events like community dinners in the assembly space on the first floor and smaller activities like tutoring or occasional art classes in the ground floor activity rooms. On-site staff are on hand to facilitate the community capacity and connections that allow every neighbor to make a difference, and make Genesis a good place to call home.

Status: Operational since December 2015


New Life Village

Tampa, Florida

New Life Village is creating an Intergenerational Community of Caring for older children and large sibling groups who would otherwise have little or no chance of being adopted together. At New Life Village, these children, their adoptive families, and the senior volunteers find new life and new opportunities.


Status: Operational since 2013


Bridge Meadows

Portland, Oregon

Bridge Meadows was developed to support foster-to-adopt and kinship families. It is now three years old and is at full capacity with children, families, and seniors.

Status: Operational since June 2011


Hope Meadows

Rantoul, Illinois

Hope Meadows was designed to provide community support to families adopting children from foster care. It is the first intentional intergenerational neighborhood of its kind, where the gifts and talents of all residents contribute to the well-being of people of all ages.

Status: Operational since May 1994


Treehouse Community

Easthampton, MA

The Treehouse Community is a mission driven community offering vital living opportunities and community connections for all ages. Designed to support families who are fostering and adopting children from the public foster care system, Treehouse is a caring, multi-generational neighborhood. The community includes twelve family homes with three, four or five bedrooms and 48 one-bedroom cottages designed for seniors. Treehouse2013

Status:  Operational since June 2006